We  investigate the effectiveness of investments to link performance to the business' BOTTOM LINE



We specialize in helping organizations detect, prevent, and correct issues related to human error. We do this by measuring and analyzing data, assessing vulnerabilities, making and implementing corrective recommendations, and teaching management and the workforce about problem prevention.  

We are able assist with performance issues associated with:


  • Employment Law

  • Recruitment, Training, and Compensation

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Customer Service Management

  • Employee Performance Management

  • Succession Planning

  • Process Management

  • Quality Improvement

  • Knowledge Management

  • Goal Orientation

  • Training Effectiveness

  • Business Impact

  • Return on Investment (ROI)



  • Implementing training or non-training program(s) does not guarantee a positive change in performance.

  • Evaluating the effectiveness of implemented business investments and solutions allows for a realistic, justifiable, and measurable account of how effective and valuable program(s) and solution(s) are, along with explanations as to why failure to achieve organizational goals and benefits has occurred.

  • Evaluating implemented solutions allows for a business-focused and structured measuring system to identify where problems have occurred during and after the implementation process. 


Lisa Marie Lee, PhD

I am the founder, Chief Executive Officer, & Lead Training and Performance Improvement Consultant of Linked Results, LLC. I am dedicated to utilizing scientific-based methods to improve individual and organizational performance through solutions that result in positive impact and ROI. My ability to seek practical solutions to complex problems, synthesize information from various sources and communicate ideas to manage a productive working relationship is what distinguishes me throughout my varied professional career. I was featured on the Connect Show on FOX24 and CW. 




Our evaluation services are designed and implemented based on the needs of our clients. Our goal is to assist clients in utilizing their competencies to exude exemplar job performance. Our services are designed to determine barriers and influential factors that hinder job performance from implemented solutions and determine how new solutions can assist in preventing a recurrence of performance problems. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

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Richmond, VA

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My daughter enjoyed her experience with the Work Readiness Course. She is excited to research her future career! Thank you, Dr. Lee!

H. Kowell / Richmond Homeschool Collective

Dr. Lee assisted our team with understanding how to improve hotel performance by focusing on the actually needs of our patrons and employees. Her solutions contributed to a 25% increase in our profit margin and a 40% increase in customer service. Thanks, Dr. Lee!

General Manager / Select Hotels Group, LLC

After transitioning from the military I needed help explaining how my military skills could be transferred to the civilian workforce. I was referred to Dr. Lee. She was able to help me not only link my skills to a civilian job but also helped me with preparing for interviews. I know without her help I wouldn't have received multiple job offers or been confident during the interview process. I advise anyone who is looking for help with their resume and to advance their career to contact her. Thanks, Dr. Lee!

R. Jones / Tredegar