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Stop putting LOYALTY over PRIORITIES

Too many careers and businesses fail because of the lack of boundaries between loved ones. Many business owners rely heavily on family and friends to help manage operations but fail to separate the personal relationship from the business relationship. People need to remember there is no love or loyalty in business only NUMBERS! Personal feelings are only considered if they can be used to motivate and influence needed changes from people. Never refer an individual you feel may hinder your reputation. Never hire a person when you know they have issues with authority, prioritizing, managing money, following guidelines, are unwilling to work with others, and have an unwillingness to compromise. All of these skills are required for any individual to successfully work within any workplace.

If your personal relationship with an individual has suffered in the past and resulted in trust issues that is a red flag. Remember, a professional relationship involves your livelihood and professional reputation. Also, all relationships are based on trust. If you have trust issues then you do not have a secure relationship.

Merriam-Webster defines loyal as being an unswerving allegiance. It’s important to remember that relationships are not based on allegiance and self-sacrifice but on emotions, honest, integrity, and trust. You as a business owner or career-motivated professional must be honest with yourself and the individual who is hindering your success. You have to honestly communicate your needs and demand change. If change does not occur then the professional relationship must end. The unwillingness to admit that an ending is needed can be the demise of your professional success if you choose love or loyalty over NUMBERS! Choose wisely.

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