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Learn to CHILL!!

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Americans are known for having a neverending work schedule and need to overachieve to be successful. Research has shown that it is not only unhealthy but really doesn’t result in a productive work-life balance. Yes, the workaholic mentality is something that is hard to break because it rooted in our culture. Today, a third of the country’s employees still put in more than 45 hours or more a week, and 9.7 million of us toil away for more than 60. Yes, even during a pandemic!!

This is crazy! One thing that should be learned from this new normal is the incorporation of these 5 ways to enhance your work-life balance. They are actually practiced by our neighbors across the pond in Europe, who are known to have an amazing work-life balance and are able to remain effective and productive in their careers.


There is no need to remain plugged into work when you are “NOT” working. The job will be there when you return. It is ok to take a stand and ensure your personal time is not impacted by unnecessary communication that only contributes to stress.


As previously mentioned, don’t waste your precious time on unproductive and distracting communication. It is important to maximize your time while you are on the clock, so avoid social media and other distractions. When communicating with colleagues, during meetings, and emails communication should also be direct and concise. This will help to ensure understanding and prevent lost time and help to reduce stress.


Being late contributes to stress and results in wasted time. When time is wasted it, in turn, interrupts your “Life.” Companies can even incorporate this needed tip to help the loss of productivity on waiting for an event to start.


Yes, never work beyond your scheduled hours! Designate your schedule (lunch, break, off-hours, etc.) and stick to it. It is important to hold personal time and leisure to higher regard to ensure a stress-free and productive work-life balance. It is ok to stop and PAUSE. It is beneficial to remain healthy mentally, physically, and emotionally.


It is estimated that 705 million vacation days go unused each year in the United States. Why? Especially when many companies don’t even offer paid vacation, which is more of a reason to take advantage of your time off. Americans work too hard to not enjoy their hard-earned off time! Not only does taking time off help increase our emotional abilities, but the very idea of having a vacation to look forward to also has a positive impact on our moods.

So, remember to ignore technology, don't waste time, never be late, stick to your schedule, and use all your earned free time!!! It would also be beneficial for companies, CEOs, managers, supervisors, and employees to advocate for these tips to help increase a healthy work-life balance throughout the world!

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